Ductile iron pipes is natural, safe, and sustainable. The iron in Ductile iron pipe contains a minimum average content of 90% recycled iron and steel, with the pipes themselves being 100% recyclable.

Joints & Fittings

Ductile iron pipe is furnished with several different types of joints, including proprietary restrained joints, including those for use where seismic conditions are a possibility and for Horizontal Directional Drilling applications. In addition, a wide variety of standard fittings are available that simplify installation without requiring special orders.


Ductile iron pipe is manufactured in 18- or 20-foot nominal laying lengths and 3- through 64-inch diameters in a range of standard pressure classes.

Inside Pipe Diameter

Ductile iron pipe’s larger than nominal inside diameters, combined with the smooth flow surface of the standard cement-mortar lining, offers substantial savings on pumping costs over the life of the pipeline.


Ductile iron pipe is furnished with the standard cement-mortar lining for most applications. In addition, special linings are also available for special applications.


In most installations, the standard shop coating is appropriate. Where aggressive environments are anticipated, the Design Decision Model (DDM®) offers a two-dimensional risk-based matrix of recommendations that consider the likelihood and consequences of corrosion. Where needed, V-Bio® enhanced polyethylene encasement alone or supplemented with a metallized zinc coating are available.