About Ductile Iron Pipe

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There are many important factors to consider when determining the right pipe material for drinking water distribution infrastructure. While there are various pipe materials available, choosing the wrong one can result in premature failure, unintended maintenance and unanticipated costs over the life of the pipe.

Ductile iron pipe’s strength, resilience, sustainability and long-term value are proven across a broad range of soil conditions, environments and infrastructure demands.


Ductile Iron vs. HDPE

Ductile iron has more than 24 times the tensile strength of HDPE pipe.


Ductile Iron vs. PVC

Ductile iron pipe is stronger, easier to tap, requires less support, and provides greater flow areas compared to PVC pipe.


Ductile Iron vs. Steel

Ductile iron pipe’s advantages in field adaptability, corrosion control, and pipe wall thickness make it far superior to steel pipe.


Ductile Iron vs. BCCP

Ductile iron pipe’s distinct advantages tip the scales decidedly in its favor.

"We believe that Ductile iron pipe is the best, and it's just far and above better than the other materials available these days."

Geoffrey Miller
Executive Engineer, Onondaga County Water Authority, Syracuse, NY