Strong and Sustainable

We support the strength of Ductile iron pipe and the commitment of the industry to 100% regulatory compliance, dedication to the health and safety of those who make the pipe, and an ongoing commitment to improve. With a raw material that results in a minimum average recycled content that is 90% scrap iron and steel and a strength of material that translates into significant energy savings in operation, there is not a more sustainable, resilient pipe material available.

Manufactured from Recycled Materials

The primary source of material to make Ductile iron pipe is from recycled materials. Ductile iron pipe is made from a minimum average content of 90% recycled iron and steel. One standard length of 24-inch Ductile iron pipe can contain the amount of recycled iron and steel contained in one automobile.

Public Health

Ductile iron pipe is not prone to permeation and the resulting contamination of drinking water that may result, whereas plastic pipe is susceptible to permeation that can damage the pipe and contaminate the water. In fact, in a study prepared for the EPA, plastic pipe was involved in 98% of permeation incidents. According to the EPA’s website, “The major sources of vinyl chloride in drinking water are leaching from PVC piping and the discharge from plastics factories. Some people who drink water containing vinyl chloride well in excess of the maximum contaminant level (MCL) for many years may have an increased risk of cancer.” The EPA’s maximum contaminant level goal (MCLG) is zero.