Specifications for Ductile Iron Pipe

DIPRA representatives sit on the defining standards committees of organizations such as AWWA, ASTM, AMPP, ASCE, and ISO, ensuring that design and manufacturing standards for Ductile iron pipe remain the most conservative, stringent and comprehensive in the industry.

The Design Decision Model (DDM®) for Ductile Iron Pipe

The Design Decision Model (DDM ®), jointly developed by DIPRA and Corrpro Companies, Inc., is an engineering tool to address potentially aggressive environments for proposed Ductile iron pipeline projects. A two-dimensional risk-based matrix, the DDM ® balances the likelihood and consequences of corrosion and offers recommendations for practical, effectivepractical, effective corrosion control solutions.

Specification for Ductile Iron Pipe 

The conservative and comprehensive nature of Ductile iron pipe standards—covering its manufacture, design, coatings and linings, joints, fittings, and installation, make specification uncomplicated.