About Ductile Iron Pipe

The Value of Ductile Iron Pipe

With an anticipated service life of 100+ years, Ductile iron pipe is the most cost-effective material over a pipeline’s service life vs. other materials.

When assessing the full value of your pipe selection, you should consider:


Material Production Costs

The production phase involves costs for raw material extraction, pipe production and pipe transportation.

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Installation Costs

The installation phase involves the operational costs of the necessary equipment as well as the cost of any bedding material required for installation of each pipe material.

Operation and Maintenance Costs

The operation and maintenance phase involves the costs associated with pumping as well as performing repairs and regular maintenance activities over the 100+ year design life.

End of Life

Once a pipe reaches the end of its service life, it can either be exhumed for future uses, such as recycling or disposal, or it can be abandoned in place.



The projected service life for modern Ductile iron pipe is 100+ years.

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Lower Maintenance Costs

Ductile iron pipe offers greater reliability with less maintenance.


Lower Pumping Costs

Ductile iron pipe offers larger inside diameter with lower pumping costs.


Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Contact your DIPRA Regional Engineer for access to the calculator.

"We have done some cost analysis and looked at what our costs are for maintenance, inspection, locating, and we believe ductile iron is the cheapest way to go. You look over the lifetime of the material."

Geoffrey Miller
Executive Engineer, Onondaga County Water Authority, Syracuse, NY