About Ductile Iron Pipe

Sustainable Material

With up to 90% recycled content, Ductile iron pipe is the smart, sustainable solution for delivering clean water to communities.

Ductile iron pipes are natural, safe, and sustainable. Ductile iron pipes contain at least 90% recycled materials with the pipes themselves being 100% recyclable.

Less Greenhouse Gas Emissions 

Ductile iron pipe has better environmental performance due to its lower greenhouse gas emissions in both the production and operation phases. From cradle to grave, Ductile iron pipe is superior environmentally, as it requires less energy and has a lower environmental impact.



Watch the DIPRA video detailing how Ductile iron pipe meets the needs for today, while building a more sustainable future for communities.

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Benefits of Ductile Iron Pipe

Ductile iron pipe offers lower pumping costs and significant energy savings.

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Sustainable Infrastructure

Pumping through Ductile iron pipe results in as much as a 38% savings in energy consumption.

"I am always thinking of what's best for my community. And what's best is that we use strong, durable pipes that deliver clean drinking water for a century."

Kevin Hardiman
Town Engineer for Tewksbury, MA