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Water is a lifeline for not just clean drinking water but for the health and safety of our citizens. Furthermore, it is an essential economic resource for many businesses. Because of this, investment in water infrastructure is needed to benefit generations to come.

Water Infrastructure Needs Investment and Support

The American Society of Civil Engineers recently awarded the nation’s drinking water infrastructure a grade of C- in its updated 2021 Infrastructure Report Card. That grade reflects a “mediocre” condition with “significant deficiencies.” While it is an improvement from the 2017 grade of D-, it is clear that more must be done to support investments in clean water infrastructure.

A wide number of organizations continue to advocate for further investment in water infrastructure as discussions continue at the federal, state and local levels.

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The American Society of Civil Engineers

The nation’s drinking water infrastructure received a C- for Infrastructure.

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Infographic: Cost of Failure

Even short-term water disruptions can have broad and costly impacts to communities.