Horizontal Directional Drilling for Trenchless Applications 

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is one of the fastest growing trenchless construction methods in use today. It can be used to install new pipelines or replace existing ones. Successful HDD installations have established restrained flexible joint Ductile iron pipe as a viable, and in many instances, superior, trenchless pipe option.

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Trenchless Installations

The Procedure

HDD is a trenchless construction method that involves drilling a small pilot hole, using technology that allows the drill to be steered and tracked from the surface.

With the increasing demand for water and wastewater infrastructure and a movement to reduce the social/economic impact on ratepayers that is often associated with open-cut construction, trenchless installation using HDD will certainly play an increasing role. For these installations, public works personnel and contractors have the option of installing superior Ductile iron pipe and, in so doing, making the right decision.

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