DIPRA offers complimentary training materials, seminars/webinars, and lectures throughout North America to consulting and utility engineers.

Installation Guides

DIPRA offers multiple complimentary installation guides full of information for designers and installers of Ductile iron pipe.


Review DIPRA’s Installation Guide for all detailed requirements for a trench to accommodate Ductile iron pipe.

Applying Encasements

Ductile iron pipe is resistant to corrosion in most soils and typically requires only effective, economical polyethylene encasement or V-Bio® enhanced encasement in more aggressive environments.

Gaskets & Joints

Ductile iron pipe has a wider variety of joints and gaskets available than any other piping material.


Direct tapping of Ductile iron pipe is easier, safer, less expensive, and faster. Tapping PVC can result in cracked pipes, injured workers, and costly flooding.