Technical Resources

Engineering Resources for Design and Application of Ductile Iron Pipe

DIPRA has technical resources to address virtually every aspect of the application of Ductile iron pipe.

Ductile iron pipe
Pipe Features
Ductile iron pipe is the pipe material of choice for today's water and wastewater pipeline infrustructures.
Ductile iron pipe on supports
Ductile iron's properties allow it to be used effectively in a wide variety of industrial applications.
pipe assembly
DIPRA provides several resources to assist consulting and utility engineers in all aspects of the installation process.
driver with pipes
Asset Management
Asset management strategies support the long-established fact that American-made Ductile iron pipes are designed and installed to provide a century-long service life.
engineering tools
DIPRA Calculators for Ductile Iron Pipe
DIPRA has four free web-based calculators that are useful tools for designing and specifying Ductile iron pipe.
broken pvc
Pipe Material Comparison
Ductile iron pipe is stronger, easier to tap, requires less support, and provides greater flow areas compared to substitute materials.