We Owe Professional Engineers Our Respect and Thanks

Apr 27, 2017
Patrick Hogan
Inside Sources
Professional engineers team up with our nation’s water utilities and local governments to make sure that infrastructure projects are done right from start to finish.
The unsung heroes of our communities were feted in Washington, D.C. this week when the American Council of Engineering Companies hosted its annual Engineering Excellence Awards. The council honors the innovation and achievements of individuals and firms who design innovative projects that solve complex problems.
In today’s world of infrastructure, there is rarely a simple problem to be solved, no matter how uncomplicated something appears from the outside. That’s why the expertise of professional engineers is so critical as the wrong design or use of improper materials can have significant consequences. In 1986, the winner of ACEC’s engineering award was the company responsible for the Ft. McHenry Tunnel in Baltimore. The tunnel is 1.5 miles long and runs underneath the Patapsco River, which exerts tremendous pressure on the structure yet it remains stable today because of the strength of its design. Two years ago, the new East Span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge was recognized as a similar feat of engineering excellence that is expected to last at least 150 years and withstand earthquakes.
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