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Trust the Professionals To Do Right By Their Local Communities

Nov 12, 2018
Mario H. Lopez
Inside Sources
Broken plastic water or sewer lines cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to replace. Often, those pipe breaks are to systems that were installed fewer than a decade ago.
One of the most important issues that will face the new Congress is how to deal with the billions of dollars of infrastructure investment our country needs to bring aging water and sewer systems into the modern age. The president has periodically mentioned the necessity of rebuilding the country’s infrastructure, and, notably, some Democrats have indicated that this is an area where a deal could be possible. In fact, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said that infrastructure is an issue on which there is agreement between he and likely incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. This could be one of the few areas where Congress can make progress next session.
Too often, though, conversations on this type of infrastructure projects ignore the unique needs of underserved communities that tend not to have large tax bases to fund improvements. Those areas are more at-risk of having inferior pipes used, which can lead to contamination issues or broken pipes that are costly to repair.
That’s why it’s so important to trust the professionals who have specific knowledge and experience in their field and who are best positioned to understand their communities’ unique needs.
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