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Can We Find a Silver Lining Through the Storm?

Oct 27, 2017
...we lose 1.7 trillion gallons of drinking water every year because of aging, leaky or faulty pipes.
The city of Houston suffered catastrophic flooding in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, and rebuilding the city will take time and resources. There is no one who doubts that the city will come back stronger than it was before. At DIPRA, we’re glad to see the American Water Works Association holding its annual infrastructure conference in the city. #HoustonStrong indeed.
As the city’s leaders begin the challenging work of rebuilding their city, there are countless choices they will have to make regarding resources – both in terms of what kinds of materials to use and how to pay for them and for the work that needs to be done. The city already wrestled with questions about how best to replace and upgrade its water infrastructure to ensure that residents and businesses continue to have clean drinking water and an efficient wastewater system. In Harvey’s wake, those questions are even more important.
According to , we lose 1.7 trillion gallons of drinking water every year because of aging, leaky or faulty pipes. All told, we’ll need to invest nearly $5 trillion over the next 20 years to keep drinking water systems in good working order. Clean water is not optional. It is critical to the health, well-being and safety of our communities.
So many communities in Texas, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Puerto Rico are looking at enormous costs to rebuild their roads, bridges, hospitals, schools, libraries and other buildings that were destroyed by hurricanes. As the storm clouds clear, we can begin to see the opportunities for economic growth and a chance to make improvements. Municipal leaders should work with engineers and other professionals to select the best materials for resilient infrastructure. The value for economic and safety factors are by far too important let slip by with materials lesser able to withstand the forces of Nature, or passage of time.
DIPRA looks forward to the AWWA’s Infrastructure Conference. #HoustonStrong.
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