DIPRA Overview

The Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association (DIPRA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to conducting exhaustive technical research and providing comprehensive information on Ductile iron pipe to stakeholders nationwide. For more than 100 years, DIPRA has committed to spreading awareness about Ductile iron—the safest, most cost-efficient material for water and wastewater pipeline construction.28  

Founded in 1915, DIPRA has tirelessly advocated for investments into higher quality pipeline infrastructure through a myriad of program initiatives lauding the benefits of Ductile iron pipe. Through informational ad campaigns, specialized research programs, committee representation, and personalized assistance through the Regional Engineer Program, DIPRA applies a holistic approach to its mission for more sustainable domestic water infrastructure.  

DIPRA understands that thoughtfully manufactured pipes are a fundamental means of providing clean, reliable water and wastewater transportation for the wellbeing of citizens throughout the country. Clean water is essential to powering crucial services in all sectors of the economy, and Americans cannot afford disruptions to water and wastewater infrastructure. That’s why DIPRA vigorously advocates for investments into long-term resources. 

Ductile iron has consistently proven to be the most effective type of pipe. Environmentally, it contains more recyclable materials, produces fewer emissions, and does not release or absorb toxic chemicals like other pipe materials. Economically, its longevity, lower operational costs, and lower maintenance requirements render it a better value than any other kind of pipe. In terms of performance, Ductile iron pipe is more resilient to ecological forces and extreme weather—cementing its status as the most reliable source of water and wastewater transportation.  

In keeping with the association’s commitment to sustainability, DIPRA has partnered with the world’s leading ecological organizations to ensure environmental advantages are the forefront of their efforts. DIPRA is supported by all the Ductile iron pressure pipe manufacturers in North America—with a unified commitment to cultivate the production of Ductile iron pipe. 

Ductile iron is the most resilient, environmentally sound, and reliable pipe on the market. To foster a more sustainable future of water and wastewater infrastructure, it must be the standard in pipeline construction projects. DIPRA’s commitment to Ductile iron pipe will not only ensure clean, reliable water for citizens today, but for generations to come.  

Member Companies

The Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association (DIPRA) is supported by all Ductile iron pressure pipe manufacturers in North America—all operating with the long-term goal of implementing more sustainable water and wastewater infrastructure. DIPRA’s member companies apply their combined 650 years of experience to advocate for the highest quality pipeline manufacturing—namely, through the development of Ductile iron pipe.29 

Founded in 1905, member company AMERICAN Ductile Iron Pipe manufactures Ductile iron proven to withstand extreme shocks and volatile environmental conditions—rendering it more reliable, especially in the transportation, handling, and installation stages of construction. Their pipes are built with energy conservation in mind and have a demonstrated life span far surpassing other types of construction materials.30 

Canada Pipe Co., another member company, is recognized as one of the leading distributors of Ductile iron pipe—supplying North America with the crucial resource since the 1960s. They advocate for the production of ductile material because of its ability to maintain both physical strength and longevity—rendering a long-lasting, environmentally sound product.31 

McWane Ductile has been producing Ductile iron since 1955. Following the industry’s most demanding standards, their Ductile iron is known for its durability and reliability—ensuring the highest quality transportation services for potable water and wastewater across North America.32  

Finally, U.S. Pipe manufacturers all Ductile iron pipe in the USA—and has provided quality water and wastewater products since 1899. They champion Ductile because of its adaptability in the field, ability to transport water in the cleanest way possible, and resistance to dangerous environmental forces that may disrupt transportation systems.33  

DIPRA’s member companies, with centuries of experience, all understand that the key to a prosperous future of waterway infrastructure lies in the development of Ductile iron pipes. No other pipe on the market is as resilient, adaptable, and sustainable. Ductile iron pipe, especially when produced by reputable member companies, will stand the test of time when it comes to water and wastewater transportation.

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