Benefits of Ductile Iron Pipe

Ductile iron piping is becoming increasingly popular throughout American industries as the leader in reliability. Ductile iron is also tremendously resilient, creating a longer life cycle than most, which in turn creates better value. With lower emissions and less energy, these pipes are the environmentally superior choice as well, and thus have better health and safety benefits. With the modernization of water infrastructure, Ductile iron pipes are not only made in America and support domestic jobs, but also are considered a key component of a clean energy future.1

Pipe systems are inevitably at risk of extreme weather events and any other regular stresses facing water utility systems throughout the country. Ductile iron pipes are found to be extremely resilient when faced with such challenges. Whether it be natural disasters, soil contamination, earthquakes, wildfires, or floods, the materials in place will, assuredly, stay in place. Because of such strength and durability, consumers can rest easy knowing their pipe systems will remain intact for their long-life cycles.  

Ductile iron piping requires very little maintenance overall and can be expected to last 100+ years in service. The plastic counterparts can only be expected to last about half of that, and typically will require more maintenance throughout usage. This, in turn, creates a safer alternative for the environment as there will be fewer interruptions or replacements. Additionally, the longer life cycle will provide significant cost savings throughout its usage, making for much better value than competitors.  

With less need for maintenance or replacements, Ductile iron pipes are found to be much more cost-effective than other materials. In addition to a longer life cycle than plastic counterparts, Ductile iron will save consumers much more money. Because of the resilience, there will be lower operational and maintenance costs throughout usage, and lower energy costs as well.  

Due to the optimal performance of Ductile iron pipe, it allows for lower energy costs, which creates fewer greenhouse gas emissions throughout usage. In both operation of the pipe as well as production, these levels are kept low, as it requires less energy to pump water. In turn, this creates a lower environmental impact, making it the superior choice for a green future. These pipes are natural and sustainable. Not only are Ductile iron pipes made with at least 90% recycled materials, the pipes themselves become 100% recyclable after production.  

Alongside the environmental superiority of Ductile iron, these pipes are also found to be a safer and healthier alternative to other options. Not only are they safer and easier to install than plastic pipes, Ductile iron is also does better in protecting against drinking water contamination due to its inability to absorb certain toxins that plastic will. Additionally, in its production phase, Ductile iron won’t release the same dangerous chemicals such as vinyl chloride, dioxin, or ethylene dichloride. With health and safety in mind, Ductile iron pipes have created a better environment in this modernizing water system industry, and the strength of its benefits become obvious when compared to any competitors.

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