Current and prospective pipe customers, and those who influence them, who are often misled by the pervasiveness of misinformation about Ductile iron pipe by Ductile iron pipe competitors, will look to DIPRA to understand the truth about Ductile iron pipe’s strength, durability and environmental benefits, because DIPRA is seen as knowledgeable, technically competent and a provider of credible research.

Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association

At the center of our brand and our design system is our logo. It is the single strongest visual element used to promote our name and our organization. Therefore, it must be used correctly and consistently to reinforce its legal protection as our identity. Our logo must be applied to all materials in accordance with the standards and guidelines developed to ensure maximum consistency and visibility is achieved with each and every brand touch point.

DIPRA Tagline

Our logo is composed of multiple elements. These elements, detailed here, should never be altered, redrawn or repositioned in any way. Think of the logo components in a “locked” relationship which is unmovable. Always use the approved electronic artwork when reproducing our logo. Electronic artwork is available in all required file formats and in all approved color formats.